If you love learning foreign languages and want to access to the translation labor market, then you should register yourself in a translation school. Since translators are in great demand, this profession has turned into a booming industry that daily requires more and more skilled professionals. Nowadays there are universities, institutes, colleges and schools where you can learn the basics of this career. These organizations are designed to provide you high educational standards and a qualified faculty. Moreover the translator jobs are well paid mainly when they have good command of at least three languages.

As a translator you can work in different labor environments such as in private, state owned companies, organizations such as INGOs among others. In certain cases, translators work as interpreters, although all translators can't be interpreters. Usually people tend to confuse these professions, but in fact they are totally different from each other. Translation is for written documents while interpreting is for spoken messages. On the other hand, if you prefer interpreting, you can work in the United Nations as an interpreter. This organization has six official languages which are Spanish, Arabic, Russian, English, French and Chinese, and usually advertise interesting interpreter job offers in its webpage.

When you finish your translation studies, you will be looking for job opportunities mainly abroad, because travelling abroad improves your language skills and increases your business network too. However you must already have a good resume before starting your job search, if not let us help you with this arduous task. The resume objective is to attract employer's interest in order to get a job interview. Therefore this document should be well written, we recommend you that someone proofreads your resume before sending to the employer. Just in case you have some troubles at this stage you can also find online thousands of resume templates.

Useful resume templates collections

Other useful tools for your job search are the resume profile examples, these documents are templates of many professional resumes. All are alphabetically ordered in lists, you only have to choose yours and that's it. Don't forget to customize it to the job description and try to use keywords along the document. A good resume should contain your contact and reference information, educational qualifications, job experience as well as it must be attached to a cover letter.

Cover letter builder

A cover letter complements your resume. Since the cover letter is the first document that an employer usually read, it must be your marketing tool in order to get a job interview. This letter is a summary of the entire information contained in your resume; therefore don't copy the same information in both documents.

Describe your main professional objectives and highlight your previous job achievements mainly which are related to the job position that you are applying for. We recommend you to write at least four paragraphs, they should show your interest in working in that company and how you can contribute your knowledge and experience to the company development. If you don't know how to write a cover letter, then click in the previous hyperlink.

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