Resume templates are guides to write a resume. There are types such as chronological and functional resume templates. The first one is a format that highlights the information of the job-seeker in a sequential order, focusing on the employment history. The second one highlights the strengths of the job-seeker.

Designing an attractive resume may not be a simple task as it is imagined especially if it is your first time to do so. It could also be challenging to those who have not yet adopted the modern way of updating the document. At are plenty of resume templates, and also a lot of resources that can help you in writing your resume.

What is a cover letter?

These cover letter examples are an important document that are sent with a resume. The cover letter provides information about skills and experience and say why you are qualified for the job. When someone is looking for a job he needs to write his cover letter taking in mind the points listed below:
  • Select a cover letter type. Cover letters types include referral cover letters, inquiry letters, prospecting letters, etc.
  • Format your cover letter. The presentation of a document is always important. In case of cover letters, pay attention to the information you include and how your cover letter looks like.
  • Review cover letter examples. There are plenty of cover letter examples on the web.
  • Start from a cover letter template. Using a cover letter template can be a good idea when people start writing cover letters. Then, people can write a personalized document.
  • Write a custom cover letter. Through our cover letter we say why we are a good match for the job. Each job looks for different workers, so we have to write custom cover letters for each time we apply for a job.
  • Send your cover letter. We always have to follow the employer's instructions and send our cover letter.
After sending your resume and cover letter to the company you would like to interview with, the next step will be wait to they call or email you. You can wait employers contact you or follow-up with them.

We can follow-up with employers and recruiters sending a note or calling, in case we don't hear back from them within two weeks. If we take contact with employers, what to ask? One important thing to ask about is if all the candidates be contacted. There are many companies that contact just some candidates and not all, so it is important to know this, in order to follow with your job search process.

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