Antibes is a resort town of southeastern France, on the Mediterranean Sea in the Côte d'Azur, located between Cannes and Nice. It is c. 20km by rail southwest of Nice, and is situated on the east side of the Garoupe peninsula.

About the city

Population: 72,412 (1999)
Antibes is extremely animated, has one of the finest markets on the coast and the best Picasso collection in its ancient seafront castle; and the southern end of the Cap still has its woods of pine, in which the most exclusive mansions hide.

The sixteenth-century Château Grimaldi is a beautifully cool, light space, with hexagonal terracotta floor tiles, windows over the sea and a terrace garden with sculptures by Germaine Richier, Miró, César and others. In 1946, Picasso was offered the dusty building - by then already a museum - as a studio. Alongside the castle is the cathedral , built on the site of an ancient temple.

Beautiful Coast of Antibes, France Beautiful old Houses Antibes, France

The choir and apse survive from the Romanesque building that served the city in the Middle Ages while the nave and stunning ochre facade are Baroque. Inside, in the south transept, is a sumptuous medieval altarpiece surrounded by immaculate panels of tiny detailed scenes.

Plage de la Salis , the longest Antibes beach, runs along the eastern neck of Cap d'Antibes, with no big hotels owning mattress exploitation rights - an amazing rarity on the Riviera. To the south, at the top of chemin du Calvaire, you can get superb views from the Église de la Garoupe, which contains Russian spoils from the Crimean War and hundreds of ex votos. To the west, on boulevard du Cap between chemins du Tamisier and G.-Raymond, you can wander around the Jardin Thuret, botanical gardens belonging to a national research institute.

Back on the east shore, further south, a second beach, plage de la Garoupe , now heavily colonized by sun beds, is linked by a footpath to the peninsula's southern tip. There are more sandy coves and little harbours along the western shore, where you'll also find the Musée Naval et Napoléonien.

Why learn French in Antibes?

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French courses in Antibes

DELF Exam Preparation Course

This course is organized by the French Ministry of Education and is henceforth in accordance with the common European reference. A candidate can take more than one exam at the same sitting. Each qualification is made up of exercises to evaluate competence in 4 areas: understanding and expression in both oral and written situations. The course consists of 20 morning lessons from Monday to Friday and 10 afternoon lessons from Tuesday to Friday. There are different level exams, A1, A2, B1 and B2.It is available during 4,6,8,12 or 16 weeks.

Groups: 12 students
Classes: 30
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Executive course

In addition to perfecting language skills, this intensive program gives executives and managers an opportunity to practice specialized French language and themes closely related to the business world (doing business in France, French tax system, employment legislation, effective use of the telephone, etc).

Groups: 4 students maximum.
Classes: 30 lessons per week.
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French Combination Course

In the French Combination Course you will have 4 individual French lessons in addition to the Standard course of 20 lessons per week. Your teachers will help you to achieving your goal: to communicate more and better in French. For this reason, you will be able to learn or to focus the individual lessons in an area of your interest. Your progress will be faster and your fluency in French will improve a lot. The course integrates all the language skills, combining the intensive French language classes with various tasks and activities in which you are the main protagonist. Programs tailored to course duration, and designed to complement morning group lessons.

Groups: 12 students
Classes: 24
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Intensive Course Plus

This intensive French course is designed for people who want to advance quickly. You will receive the best French courses and , of course, you will have the best opportunity to explore Antibes.

Groups: Max. 12 students per group
Classes: 30 lessons per week + 4 one to one lessons. Lessons of 45 minutes.
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Intensive French Course

This course is designed to improve your communication in French in everyday situations. You will have 30 general French lessons per week. Morning lessons focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, while in the afternoon lessons you will practice comprehension and oral expression as well as familiarizing with French culture and life in France. You will use a text book and a good range of materials and exercises such as newspapers, magazines, etc. Having 30 lessons you will be able to progress more, and to practice much more than in the standard course. One lesson is 45 minutes.

Groups: 12 students
Classes: 30
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Standard French Course

This course is designed to improve your communication in French in everyday situations. Twenty lessons per week, part of the course will focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. And the other part will be dedicated to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will use a text book and a good range of materials and exercises such as newspapers, magazines, etc. One lesson is 45 minutes.

Groups: 12 students
Classes: 20
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Learning French in Antibes

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