If you are thinking to Learn French in France you will enjoy this country. For a thousand years and more, France has been at the cutting edge of European development, and the legacy of this wealth, energy and experience is everywhere evident in the astonishing variety of things to see: from the Gothic cathedrals of the north to the Romanesque churches of the centre and west, the châteaux of the Loire, the Roman monuments of the south, the ruined castles of the English and the Cathars and the Dordogne's prehistoric cave-paintings.

Contrary to traditional thinking, not all French food is high in calories or fat. You can find recipes with low calorie foods really tasty such as Creamy Tomato Bisque with Mozzarella Crostini: use high-in-protein and low-in-fat silken tofu and a bit of rice instead of heavy cream to thicken this French-inspired tomato soup topped with a melted-cheese crostini.

Enjoy the traditional French Food

You can look for the regional favorites while visiting France if you want to taste the best of the region. Traditional French foods range from delectable cheeses and desserts to hearty soups, stews, and fresh fish. The traditional French food is closely related to the history of France and many gems of the regional gastronomy are in fact originating from popular traditions.

There is a perfect destination for everyone, choose yours:

Learn French in Antibes

Learn French in Antibes

Antibes is a resort town of southeastern France, on the Mediterranean Sea in the Côte d'Azur. Antibes has one of the largest yacht marinas on the Côte d'Azur.

Learn French in Paris

Learn French in Paris

There is so much life on the streets of Paris, plus a tremendous amount of public art and wonderful architecture. The city centre is very compact so there's little chance of getting lost.


The sheer physical diversity of France would be hard to exhaust in a lifetime of visits. The landscapes range from the fretted coasts of Brittany to the limestone hills of Provence, the canyons of the Pyrenees and the half-moon bays of Corsica, from the lushly wooded valleys of the Dordogne to the glaciated peaks of the Alps. Wonders of France looks and feels different from the rest of the world, has its own style of architecture, its characteristic food and often its own patois or dialect. Though the French word pays is the term for a whole country, local people frequently refer to their own immediate vicinity as mon pays - my country - and to a person from another town as a foreigner.

France is easy to travel around. Restaurants and hotels proliferate, the lower-budget ones being much cheaper than is most other developed western European countries. Train services are admirably efficient, as is the road network - especially the (toll-paying) autoroutes - and cyclists are much admired and encouraged. Information is highly organized and available from tourist offices across the country, as well as from specialist organizations for walkers, cyclists, campers and so on.

Learning French in France

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