French is a Romance language spoken originally in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, and today by about 175 million people around the world as a mother tongue or fluent second language, with significant populations in 54 countries.

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If you are thinking about increasing your business or taking advantage of the French culture start here. Choose your destination:

Destinations to Learn French



Learn French language in Antibes, one of the most beautiful French cities.


Paris, the capital of France, is a beautiful city where one can learn French language in a short time.

Learn French Online

This section is all about French Language, its grammar, its vocabulary, courses and dictionaries online, a complete guide that will help you through your learning process, you will find that learn French is not so complicated as it looks, once you get on your way you won't stop until you learn the basics.

One of the advantages of learning french online is that you can organize your schedule in your own way, but try to maintain this schedule in the same hours almost all the days, this way you wont delay your classes and maybe forget them.

In addition to all of this there are a lot of softwares on the internet that will help you in this task, many of them offers full course cds, e-books, and many hours of listening and speaking practice for a more personal contact.

French Language

The following section will show you why is important to Learn French and also why this language is so useful and necessary in your professional life and why not, also in your vacations time, maybe you want to go to visit one of the most visited places around the world.

France has art, culture, cuisine, fashion and dance, you can enjoy all of these and more if you take a visit to any of its destinations and you will enjoy better your time if you can communicate and talk with any person that you would like to meet when you get there.

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